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Efficient and cost-effective hiring processes for the Internet Age. Outsortia ATS is excellent for high volume hiring or when you just want technology to do the heavy lifting to make your hiring process less stressful.

Knowing a resume matches a Job description is not enough, hence we take it one step ahead to know if the candidate has the required primary skills to succeed in a given job.  The Skills Analysis Mapping measures a total of 20 functions, each measured by 6 competencies that have been validated by functional expert.  The Skills Analysis scores help you evaluate if the candidate has all the primary skills that are required for the job which helps in predicting the future success of the applicant.  This preliminary analysis can help to quickly remove profiles that don’t fit the job requirement.

One of our most powerful features is the one-way video interview in which applicants film themselves answering a set of predetermined questions, with no human interviewer present.  The client will can select the questions they want to ask or we can assist them using our professional expertise.  Our AI tool performs an analysis of the applicant while they answer the questions which further adds to their score.  The videos and transcripts are available for review thereafter so you can save time and focus on the most relevant candidates.  Our system will screen hundreds of candidates for you while you eat breakfast!  

Email is the oldest, most trusted, and commonly used medium for receiving candidates’ applications and exchanging communications.  Build and manage candidate relationships using advanced email features.

  • Develop and use or quick and easy email templates.
  • Use our bulk emailing function to reach many candidates at once.

After filtering down to your preferred candidates, we can schedule video interviews directly through the platform.  You can easily invite hiring managers, recruiters and candidates to be on the same video interview.

The video application is purpose built for the interviewing process.  For example, you can hire developers and test their skills by using the inbuilt code editor to watch candidates coding live during the interview.

  • All candidate information is converted into meaningful insights to make your hiring decisions more effective;
  • Geo-diversity of talent can help understand the availability of talent pool in a specific region;
  • Gender Diversity is merely to enable you the best possibility of finding a diversity candidate;
  • Additional insights around Job Titles of applicants, Education graphs, etc.;
  • Insight around source of candidate pools is also available.

Unlike other Resume Parsing and Scoring tool, we are able to not only score but break the scores to respective interests.