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Giving you a complete HR system so you can grow with grace. Outsortia can enroll and/or manage all your HR operations through our comprehensive HRMS. 

Easy & Reliable Payroll Software. Our fully integrated, easy-to-use system makes payroll pain a thing of the past

Give Advance Salary & Loan in easy ways.

Easily manage transfers & promotions of employees with seamless adjustments to payroll.

We simplify complicated scheduling challenges so client can focus on running their business.  We have thought about all the aspects needed to create, manage and update your rosters.

Attendance management is how you keep track of employee hours & error free payroll leads to a happier workforce

Leave management is the process used to handle any kind of time-off request and to track time that employees are away from work.

You can give Award to an employee by Cash or Goods.

Manage all your employees’ resignation & termination info.

Document all complaints as a matter of possible legal consideration.

Access all warnings issued to employees in one place.

Easily handle company’s notices & policy.

Generate your company’s salary reports, pay slips, and other important documents.